Bangle Hanger Purse Hooks

This basic bangle hanger is anything but basic. With so many to choose from; you are sure to find just the right one (or two or three). The FUMI (Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) is the new Patented designer way to store your purse while in public.

There are bangle hangers from silver, gold and pewter to 12 two tone color combinations. FUMI is a Pursehook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory. It stays on the outside of your handbag for easy use. It is always within reach since you can hang your handbag right next to you on any table or countertop. The recycled rubber pad grips any surface and has a bypass to ensure it stays on the outside of your handbag. Then it rest safely on your handbag as a fun fashion accessory.

How many places can you think of to you hang your new purse hanger? At sporting events, in airplanes, on a bus, in public restrooms, restaurants, theaters, casinos, at your desk, on a door knob, on a baby stroller, and more.

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