Purse Hooks

The multi purpose bracelet purse hanger is the perfect “must have” handbag accessory. Purse hooks are a great way to keep your purse or handbag off of the floor. These versatile bracelets have a spring hinge that will attach itself to your handbag and turn your bangle bracelet into a purse hanger when out on the town.

This innovative patented purse hook that doubles as a bracelet, will make such a fashion statement that your friends will beg to know where you got it. Actually, this handbag hanger triples as a handbag accessory. Take your bracelet off and the rubber pad holds your handbag (up to 25 pounds) safely away from nasty germ filled floors of restrooms, bars, sporting events and endless other places. Then when ready to leave, grab your purse and thanks to a bypass; it secures itself to your handbag as a beautiful handbag accessory.

The FUMI (stands for Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation) comes in a variety of patterns and colors from gold, silver and platinum to match a multitude of outfits; to crystal, animal prints and colors to add pizazz to that special outfit.

Don’t put your designer handbag on a disgusting floor. Instead be fashionable and grab your bracelet fashion accessory off your wrist and hang your designer purse near you for your own peace of mind.

What a unique gift this purse hanger makes for family and friends. Buy several for yourself also to compliment your different styles.