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Now featuring KIS Fashion Handbags
Travel Luggage Plus is excited to announce that we are now carrying a new brand of fashion handbags that are designed locally in Minnesota; where Travel Luggage Plus is located. Each and every handbag has a unique name and a personality of its own. From Andrea, Blaine and Char…to Sally and Sandy; check out which one matches your fashion personality in women’s handbags. These unique designer handbags are one of a kind and will be the envy of all your friends. Maybe I am partial to the Andrea KIS handbag (it is my daughter’s name); but it is one of my favorites.

KIS is more than a name…it stands for “Keep It Simple, Sexy, Sophisticated, Silly, Sporty, Sleek, Sassy, Stylish, Spectacular, Scrumptious, Special, Smart.”

All KIS® Handbags come with a matching Key Fob and a peekaboo Storage Tote.

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