FUMI Bangle Hanger Lilac & Ice


I love the names of these bangle bracelets. This one is Lilac and Ice, but the colors warm your mood. The FUMI is multi purpose as a Pursehook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory.


If you like the softer colors, you will love this lilac & ice combination. It is much lighter than the violet & eggplant purse hook, but both are great to match any of your purple hues. The one purse hook that you will not forget to leave at home. You will have it on your wrist as a fashionable bracelet.

How many times are you at a restaurant, bar  or in a public bathroom and you don’t want to set your purse on the germ filled floor? Now you will have a handbag hanger right within reach and you won’t have to search the bottom of your purse.  The FUMI is a Pursehook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory. It is the new Patented designer way to store your purse while in public. It stays on the outside of your handbag for easy use. The recycled rubber pad grips any surface and has a bypass to ensure it stays on the outside of your handbag.

Perfect to use at sporting events, at your desk, in restaurants, theaters, public restrooms, casinos, and more!


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