FUMI Bangle Hanger Aqua & Teal


If you change purses as often as I do; never fear; this handbag hook is always ready, right on your wrist. These purse hooks are unlike any other purse hangers you have ever seen. Never leave home without this bangle bracelet that changes in a second to hold your handbag, backpack or baby bag up to 25 pounds.


This unique bangle bracelet has three functions; it is a bracelet, a handbag accessory and a handbag hanger. Fumi stand for Fashionable, Unique, Multipurpose, Innovation. This vibrant aqua and teal colored purse hook is just what you need to add that special touch to an everyday outfit. Don’t you love a bracelet that has more than one purpose, and just isn’t for fashion?

The FUMI is a Pursehook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory. It is the new Patented designer way to store your purse while in public. It stays on the outside of your handbag for easy use. The recycled rubber pad grips any surface and has a bypass to ensure it stays on the outside of your handbag.


 Always ready to keep your precious designer handbag off the germ filled bars & restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, public restrooms, casinos, and more!


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