FUMI Crystal Purse Hook Inspire (Metallic Silver)


Check out both silver crystal bangle bracelets. Dazzling is a bright crystal bling to show off your silver earrings and necklace. Inspire is more of a metallic silver for just a little less bling. Some silver jewelry is not quite as shiny, so the metallic silver looks better. The FUMI is a Pursehook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory. It is the new Patented designer way to store your purse while in public.


With this multi-purpose bangle bracelet, you don’t have to also try to remember to find your purse hook in the bottom of a drawer or the bottom of your purse before you head out for the day. It is always available when you need it, right on your wrist. The FUMI is a Purse Hook, a Bangle Bracelet, and a Purse Accessory. This exclusive purse hanger will hold all you can put in your purse (up to 25 #). The average weight of a ladies purse is 5.2 #, so I think you are safe. 

You can never go wrong with a gift of silver as a jewelry accessory. With this chic design of a fashion bracelet, your friends will love the idea that it is also a purse hanger. I gave this Inspire crystal purse hook to one of my diva friends and it is one of her favorite bangle bracelets. Elegant and useful to keep your expensive purses off of the dirty and germ filled floors. When out on the town with your friends, you will always find useful places to hang your purse to keep it off the floor;  in bars/restaurants, movie theaters, public restrooms, casinos, and even door knobs!


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