Back To School: Does Your “First Day Look” Include A Designer Black Leather Handbag?

Is a new designer black leather handbag part of your new look for the school year? Are you one of those people who can’t wait to start shopping for back to school fashion? I am not talking about new clothes for the elementary school kids because they have outgrown last year’s entire wardrobe. I am thinking late high school and college days when you just have to have the best and the latest style. Do you want to make a big splash for your senior year in high school? Are you anxious and excited to head out on your new adventure at a new college?  Think beyond the wardrobe and add a quaint new leather handbag too.

How about a Coach Handbag for your fashion accessory?

Designer leather handbag in a neutral color for that back to school look

What does your “first day look” include? Some like to hunt down some quaint little shops or even discount stores to fill in with a blouse, a scarf, a couple new purses or some other accessories.  They buy one or two expensive items and then pair them with several other super buys they picked up for much less. Others may spend every dollar on the latest fashions but only have a few outfits. Which kind of shopper are you?

Whether it is latest jeans or tops, the hottest shoes or those special designer black leather handbags  (or any other neutral color); you check out the malls, magazines and many of the online websites for the new styles.  The celebrities are being watched on the red carpets to see what their style is for the moment.  You try to find as many mix and match items that can be worn with multiple outfits, but you usually want one special outfit that will “wow” everyone.

The same is true with handbags. Shop for several fun and sassy purses in varying sizes and colors. Then splurge on one special designer black leather handbag that can be worn with many ensembles. A classic black leather handbag is the perfect purse that is so versatile; you can wear it with your favorite casual or dressy outfits.

A great classic black hobo handbag

Fun designer black leather handbag for that great back to school look

I would like to suggest a classic designer black leather handbag from Travel Luggage Plus. They have discounted designer handbags, including Coach, KIS Fashions, Gucci, Rioni and Christian Dior.  This little number is called “Danielle by KIS”, a fun hobo slouch top with tons of room for all your school and after school needs.  Don’t forget, you are there to study as priority number one; but you can look good in the mean time.

I would love to hear all about your “first day look”. Did you go all out with one or two top of the line outfits or handbags, or did you go with the mix and match wardrobe and end up with many outfits? Is black your neutral color or would you rather have cream, gold, brown or some other color as your favorite “go with everything” handbag?

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