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Travel Luggage Plus was created because we love to travel and know how important reliable, good quality luggage is, as well as designer handbags for us girls. When your trip starts out bad, it carries over and affects the rest of your travel. Have the peace of mind that your quality luggage (including your women’s handbags) will not be part of your worries. From personal experience, as soon as we are home from one trip…we enjoy planning our next vacation, we hope you can do the same and look forward to all your future destinations with new luggage, backpacks, rolling bags, computer bags and accessories.

Traveling on vacation is one of our favorite things to do. This inspired us to create a blog to share our insight with others. What type of women’s handbags or designer handbags do you love best? We love to hear about other traveler’s escapades and strive to continue to learn and expand our knowledge.  We welcome you to share your comments and suggestions for blog topics. We would love to hear from you.

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